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Garage Flooring New Jersey
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Garage Flooring

Garage flooring New Jersey

It’s time to create the garage of your dreams – whether you’re a classic car connoisseur or a modern mechanic, we’ve got the perfect look to ignite your passion. Unlock the full potential of your garage with coatings designed to withstand stains, spills, and everyday wear and tear, ensuring a long-lasting shine that stands the test of time. With an array of finishes, textures, and custom designs, our products are crafted to meet the highest standards.

Built to Last
Designed for greater longevity, with high quality resistance coatings.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We offer high-quality, durable coatings designed for longevity and the constant wear and tear of everyday life.
Your garage floor will not only shine but will also last for years.
Renovate your garage
Our floors will transform your space, making it more attractive and functional while providing durability, resistance, and easy maintenance.

Benefits of doing your garage floor

Garage Flooring

Polyurea Polyaspartic

Our premium polyurea-polyaspartic color flake system is the best floors covering options for residential garages while still looking fabulous and with designs that are unique and personalized to you. The polyaspartic coating system is premium quality and scratch resistant. This floor covering can hide wear and tear extremely well because it is malleable, which makes it easier to absorb physical impact and disperse it.

Garage Flooring

Epoxy Quartz

Epoxy Quartz If your floor area is often subject to heavy traffic or harsh chemicals, and you are looking for the perfect combination of attractive and functional coating, you needn’t look any further than our quartz epoxy floor coating.

Our quartz flooring system is innovative and provides varying levels of slip protection.

Garage Flooring

Solid Color Epoxy Flooring System

Our solid color epoxy floor is one of our most popular floor coatings due to its low price and high durability, without compromising on appearance.

This epoxy coating combined with aggregates such as the anti-slip additive offers unmatched performance with a high gloss coating, it is a chemical and abrasion resistant system.

Epoxy remains one of the most common flooring materials on the market today.