Microtopping or Microcement Flooring

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What is micro-topping
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Micro topping or microcement Flooring

Microcement floors are one of the most widely used floor systems in the world due to the decorative opportunities it offers for both interiors and exteriors.

Apart from the sophisticated and elegant finish, microcement stands out for its functionality. A microcement that does not crack and is resistant to traffic, scratches, water, the effects of sunlight, impacts, high resistance to traffic and wear, as well as its non-slip finishes, are some of the factors for which microcement is in great demand both for interior and exterior spaces.


Microcement can adhere to any type of material without the need to remove the existing support. no two microcement floors are the same thanks to the variety of colors and finishes offered by this decorative coating. Microcement can be used in interior and exterior floor systems, it can be easily installed on bathroom floors, kitchens, patios, facades, among others.

Microtopping or microcement