Chemical Resistant

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Concrete Coatings

Chemical resistant

These coatings will provide you with the superior strength and robust protection you need in extreme chemical environments.

The reason you need a Chemical Resistant floor is that the commercial or industrial concrete floors are porous by nature, so without the proper protective coating, solvents, acids, alkalis, and other compounds can be absorbed by the concrete. The industries that use chemicals excessively in their production and manufacturing processes are subjected to accidental fall of chemicals, oil, and splashing of other harmful substances. This leads to the absorption of chemicals by the concrete. This gradual and consistent seepage of the chemicals deteriorate the concrete slab from inside—they may even flow straight through and contaminate the soil underneath.

Novolac floor coatings are used to protect oils, grease, chemical splashes, strong acids, and solvents. This 100% solid secondary containment system acts as a shield for your concrete flooring and provides it with superior protection against various acids, chemicals, and oils. Novolac is a two-component high concrete Epoxy coating that has its application in a broad spectrum of industries..



The Novolac system can be installed in areas that have a high temperature and hot climate. This system can hide the imperfections of the floor, giving your floor a seamless, attractive finish. Novolac coating is a highly durable and easy to maintain flooring system that will provide you with ease and comfort in maintaining your floor.

The second coat consists of Novolac high build, which guards your floor against acids, chemicals, and oils. The third coat is optional, called the Novolac topcoat, which increases the strength and hardness of the floor.

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