Premium Flakes Floor System

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Premium Flakes Floor system

Our flake flooring system is one of the best options for premium, heavy-duty flooring.

Flake flooring has a light texture and provides great protection, bringing durability and style to high-traffic areas of your home, office, or commercial space.

Vinyl chips are an easy flooring solution as they can be customized and done in just a few days.

Texture, material, color, and size allow you to affordably customize your floor and enhance everyday spaces easily and efficiently.

There are different types of floor scales with which each unique project can be developed, customizing color and size in the following presentations:

  • Vinyl chips
  • Wood chips
  • Glitter chips
  • Mica chips


Flake flooring systems deliver high performance by creating unique, consistent surfaces, providing durability and ease of maintenance for any space. Importantly, flake flooring provides superior protection against mold and bacterial growth compared to conventional options, as this flooring system is seamless.

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