Urethane Cement Floor

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Urethane cement floor

The urethane cement flooring is the perfect flooring system for demanding industrial and commercial applications.

Urethane mortar concrete has a wide range of applications that can be applied to a range of substrates like integral cove bases, slopes towards drains, and other inclined surfaces.

These can be used in a variety of industries like industrial, commercial, and institutional floor coating application and food processing industries and commercial kitchens. They are one of the best flooring solutions for food and beverages industry settings that experience significant temperature changes making as an alternative to Epoxy floor coatings.



Forms Designs Urethane coatings are eligible for LEED® credits since our coatings have ZERO VOCs and have a very low Odor. The low odor feature also eliminates the risk of contamination of food during food production facility install.

Thanks to the toughness of these floor systems that makes them the toughest flooring system available in the market. As the system has exceptional thermal expansion properties, it is highly resistant to thermal shock. The Urethane Cement flooring is the perfect flooring syste. The Urethane Cement floor will provide you with a seamless floor, which is free from cracks that become reproduction grounds for fungi and bacteria.