Epoxy Mortar Floor

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Epoxy mortar floor

Ordinary concrete flooring will not work for your industrial and commercial facility if it is exposed to heavy FOOT-TRAFFIC, STORAGE OF HEAVY LOADS, MOVEMENT OF HEAVY VEHICLES AND MACHINERY. Those areas within your facility subjected to harsh conditions require a heavy-duty flooring system that can WITHSTAND the EXTREME PRESSURE and HEAVY LOAD.

You need something that can provide your floor with INTENSIVE CARE and GREATER PROTECTION. Fortunately, we have a perfect solution for your floor. OUR EPOXY MORTAR FLOORS are known for their strength and massive performance that can be installed on your floor to gain long-term benefits.

The strength that it gives to your floor will not only make it capable of withstanding against the heavy loads and vehicles, but also prevents it from the pitting of concrete slabs. Another crucial advantage is that it can save your workers from getting injured by the accidental fall and slips, thanks to its additional texture, which can be added to increase workers’ safety Epoxy mortar flooring can also tolerate high temperatures and is highly recommended for fast-track projects such as truck docks and streets.



Epoxy mortar concrete is a safe flooring solution that produces very low or no VOC, so you do not have to worry about the health of your workers. Get a seamless, low maintenance floor with our epoxy mortar system that results in a dense, non-porous floor that is highly resistant to abrasion and harmful chemicals and can bear a heavy load.

The ideal thickness of the layer should be 1/16” to 1/8” and can be top coated with polyurethane or polyaspartic polyurea coatings to boost the abrasion and gloss resistant properties.