Why Should You Use Epoxy Floor Coating For Your Garages?

Is Epoxy floor coating a type of paint?

Most of you think that epoxy floor coating is a type of paint but in reality, it’s more than a paint. Epoxy is a thermo setting resin that is applied as a coating on the floor. The formation of epoxy is very simple. It is formed by mixing one part of epoxide resin with polyamine hardener. And this hardener is responsible for giving strength to the Epoxy Floor Coating.

These types of coatings can be used for both commercial and industrial flooring. And these Epoxy coatings are applied on concrete floors for providing high-performance and durable surface so that it can withstand heavy load. Do you know most of the big industrial sites, commercial buildings, and warehouses rely on these epoxy floors for ensuring the safety of their employees, inventory and machines?

Before applying the epoxy floor coating to your surface there are several things that you need to keep in mind. You must repair all patches and cracks of the concrete surface to remove all the grease. Moreover, if your floor is old, test the other products which may have been applied earlier. The most important thing that you must keep in mind before applying an epoxy coating is, make sure the temperature is suitable as per your requirement. As unfavorable temperatures can create problems in future.

Now you all might be thinking that the market is flooded with different types of coating. Then why you should choose epoxy floor coating for your garage.

Let’s Have A Look:


Once the installation of epoxy coating is done, you don’t have to do it again after a regular interval of time. These type of coatings are more long-lasting than tiles, wooden flooring and carpets. The best thing about these coating is, they are highly resistive to water, stains and all types of chemicals. These epoxy coatings never fades away due to its durable and protective nature.

If you are looking for a floor coating that don’t need regular maintenance for years. Then epoxy floor coatings are considered as the best option for preparing garages and basements.


Epoxy floor coatings are not only known for handling shocks and chemicals but they can also tolerate a large amount of weight. Moreover when you add epoxy to concrete then it is known for enhancing its ability for holding substantial weight. Plus if the epoxy mixtures well with concrete then it will maintain its strength, rigidity and all types of wear and tear.

Epoxy is a type of resin so it looks like glass and a delicate type of a material. But in reality, it is not a glass. It’s a very hard and an unbreakable coating that requires years for its replacement.

Highly Resistive

It is considered as a wise step for providing your garage, basement and laundry with epoxy floor coating. As these type of coatings are very useful in blocking all the harmful chemicals from entering high-traffic spaces. Moreover, these coatings are known for tolerating heavy shocks, excessive heat, harmful chemicals and all types of things.

Have A Look How These Coatings React in Different Situations:
  • Excessive heat:- Once these coatings get dried, they can resist a high level of heat. Generally, epoxy coatings can bear 200 degrees Fahrenheit but if your epoxy is of high-level then it can even withstand with that amount of heat.
  • Harsh chemicals:- If these coatings are used in your garages then it is obvious that your cars will release a certain amount of chemical. But you don’t have to worry because epoxy coatings will not get affected by it. Plus these chemicals can be easily cleaned without putting many efforts.
  • Water:- Epoxy coatings are water-resistant so they will not get damaged if the water gets spilt on the floor. Plus these coatings have more grip on the floor. Plus these coatings have more grip.
Eye-catching Appearance

With the installation of epoxy floor coating, you will find your floor more appealing and eye-catching to the other people. The elegant and shiny surface will transform the entire look of your garage. Moreover, the epoxy coating will also cover other defects of your surface. The best thing about these coatings is, they are available in various designs and colour options that complement the interior of your house.

Nowadays these epoxy mixtures are mixed with mica and quartz chips for providing a better look. This coating provides a more polished and convincing ambience.


Epoxy coatings are very cost-effective than other types of coatings. Moreover, its installation cost is very low and within your budget. If your old concrete garage floor is not providing you with a new look, now it’s time to switch to these simple and cost-effective garage coatings. So, what are waiting for? Replace your existing floor coating with Epoxy garage floor coating to enjoy its several benefits.

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