Polyaspartic polyurea for garage floors

There are many options for renovating your garage floors, and one that is making an impact in the industry is polyurea polyaspartic flooring. This coating has become a favorite alternative to epoxy. The fast-curing ability of coatings of this material has been acclaimed and highly marketed thanks to its virtually one-day coating system.

What is polyaspartic polyurea made of?

  • Polyurea. It is a subset of polyurethane, a two-component product that, when mixed, catalyzes or hardens rapidly and produces a mixture that becomes very hard in a very short time. Because it contains no volatile organic compounds, it is much more flexible than epoxy, and its cure time is less than five seconds, reaching full hardness in less than five minutes.

Benefits of polyurea polyaspartic coating

  • Temperature and weather, it can be applied in temperatures as low as -30°F and as 10°F. If you live in cold weather, there is no need to wait until spring or summer when it is warm to repaint your garage floor. Also, under certain conditions, polyurea polyaspartic coating systems can be applied in one day and used the next day, unlike epoxy which has a one to the two-day wait time.
  • Available in a variety of colors, this product also offers additional decorating options with quartz or vinyl chips. In the past, garages were old and boring.
  • Flexible and with high impact resistance. This polyurea garage floor option not only improves the appearance of the floor but also increases the surface's resistance to tire marks.
  • High heat tolerance, i.e. hot tires will not be a problem.
  • The coating penetrates the concrete for a solid bond between the two.
  • UV resistant
  • Original coloration without degradation to yellowish colors.
  • Crystalline finish that helps to repel moisture.
  • Glossy finish.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • High resistance to scratches.
  • High resistance to repel stains.
  • High resistance to chemicals.
  • Low or no VOC.
Polyaspartic polyurea for garage floors

Recommendations for use

In the construction industry for many years, new material developments have never been better than previous standard products. Sometimes improvements backfire as new products are rejected after being widely used.

These decorative coatings are used primarily by contractors who specialize in floor coverings. However, they can also be used as final floor coverings for different types of areas and action, such as coverings for industrial floors of different low, high and medium resistance, as well as with different qualities such as resistance to chemicals, abrasives, bacterial growth, shock. thermal among others

In addition, the polyaspartic polyurea flooring system has an infinite number of uses from the residential and industrial areas due to its properties. From a commercial floor to a residential floor, you can enjoy the advantages of using this flooring system with an infinite number of finishes, which makes it versatile.

It can be easily used on basement floors, garage floors, patios, rooftop pool areas, parking decks, warehouses, stores and much more.

For customers, the guarantee, speed and durability of the floors is very important, which is why polyaspartic polyurea is the best option to renew your floors in such a short time.

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