What is micro-topping or micro-cement?

If you are thinking of remodeling, here is one of the best technologies used in terms of flooring. The "concrete floors" system is one of the most modern trends in the construction industry, and we are going to give you first-hand information about it.

Characteristics and uses

  • A new trend in advance. Technology that has many residential and commercial uses, where you can propose a unique, personal, and creative design, to your taste, which we turn into reality with our professional and expert staff, to deliver a guaranteed job, according to your request and that meets all your expectations.
  • Final product of the best quality. Mainly composed of concrete which is improved with various components to obtain a more compact, strong, resistant, and durable final result among many of the benefits offered by this new technology, which looks very natural and gives an amazing finish.
  • Industrial Floors with high specifications. Poor quality floors at the industrial level can cause serious accidents from a simple fall to the overturning of a forklift. To avoid these types of problems we recommend our floors which are guided under the ACI 302 standard of the American Concrete Institute. 
  • Innovative concrete floors. They can be improved with a series of layers according to the required conditions in terms of resistance, brightness, durability, and percentage of abrasiveness, among many other characteristics, so that you can use them both indoors and outdoors.
  • Eliminate moisture from your basement. This system is very important because, generally, in these spaces, moisture is always present, causing problems inside your home that can affect your home environment. By installing this type of system, you can avoid all these problems.

Product advantages

  • Elimination of cracks and fissures. We select the most suitable materials for your installation and ensure that all your initial specifications are met.
  • No demolition is required. It saves a lot of work in its installation since it is only necessary to clear the work area to be able to apply the product and pour it on tiles or templates. Due to its minimal thickness, the doors will not rub against the finish.
  • Value your own home or your own business. This kind of floors, in general, will increase the cost of your home or your business because their designs are very novel and unique at the time of selling your home, this will be valued since the state of your floors will provide a great presence very striking to the final buyer.
  • Unbeatable quality. Its use in commercial sites, hotels, and homes elevates them to high-end levels, full of complete originality, which makes their designs unthinkable.
  • Contribution to the modern development of construction. In addition to delivering a good product that is organic, full of high quality, and pleasant visual environment, which to share with all the technological development in this field, we provide the best results and guarantees to the end customer, which will benefit in many ways, mainly by the enjoyment of comfort inside your home.

Enhance your home or business, control the humidity in your basement, and make the best design for the floor of your garage by making use of this new technology that will give you many benefits for your comfort. When remodeling, take into account all these benefits that we are offering you.

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