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Garage Flooring Service – Crack Resistant and Durable!

Update your garage with our premium garage floor coating, designed to stand the test of time. Say goodbye to cracks and hello to a sleek, durable surface.

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    We love being the best in what we do, that’s why our


    What benefits we offer

    What benefits we offer​

    Textures improve safety can prevent slips and falls.

    Extreme resistance to chemicals, abrasions, and impacts.

    Heat tolerance that makes it resistant to hot tires.

    Low cost and high durability.

    Resistant to impact from dropped tools and resistance to cracking in addition to offering good flexibility.

    Our flooring system is designed with advanced technology.

    UV resistant, which promotes color stability even after years.

    We offer a 15-year warranty on all of our garage floor coverings.

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    Why Choose Forms Designs


    Our experts can help you choose the garage floor covering that best suit your needs.


    Choose from a range of attractive colors for your garage floor covering and the end results will speak for themselves - providing a high-quality floor without compromising functionality.


    Our custom flooring systems include different finish and design options such as: vinyl chips, metallics, quartz and solid colors.

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    At Forms Designs LLC we believe that the only way to create a truly quality product is to love what you do – and we do. We are committed to providing exceptional service to both our residential and commercial clients. We offer custom design flooring to clients in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

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