Polyaspartic Flooring System

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Polyaspartic Flooring System

“When time is more valuable than money,” especially when you need a floor system that cures in hours, that’s where polyaspartic coating comes into play.

Fast curing ability, significant abrasion, chemical resistance characteristics and high-performance finish make polyaspartic coatings the fastest and most efficient flooring solution.

Fast curing is not the only feature of the polyaspartic flooring system. It also gives you a spectacular surface that has excellent durability. This flooring system is a perfect combination providing great looks, exceptional performance, and superior protection. These coatings have some wonderful characteristics that do not yellow over time, increasing the longevity of the system.

Garage floor


  • Easy to clean.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Stable color, which allows it to be exposed to UV rays without color changes.
  • High performance and resistant to chemical agents.
  • It offers a 24-hour installation service.


We’re here to help when you need something that can install quickly and cure super-fast. We understand that it is impossible to shut down your manufacturing units, hospitals and even supermarkets for days waiting for your floor systems to recover. Don’t have the time or capacity to shut down your facility, even for critical maintenance like flooring? No problem! We also have something for you on our shelf.

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